Steel locker with 90 Compartment SURE FURNITURE


SKU : LK-090

SURE was the only brand in the market who provide Steel locker with 90 Compartment. The ideal product for containing privacy billing, document and post mail with feature 90 storage compartment. Made of 100% stee highly secured with lach and key lock and ventilated shutters. The products are suitable for storing personal items and belongings.Such as wallets, clothes, water bottles and lunch box, backpacks, shoes. Each door locker has a slot for display label. Production is controlled under ISO 9001:2015 standards, JIS standard materials and also receives TIS standards and Made in Thailand symbols. The cabinet structure is reinforced with bones and consists of the arc-joint method (Spot welding) durable cabinet paint using system paint method ELECTROSTATIC-PAINTING SYSTEM

Main material - steel
Height (cm)

Width (cm)

Depth (cm)

Weight (kg)

Door type
door open

Width size (cm)

Key lock (yes/no)

Number of floors
do not have

Handle material
do not have

number of doors
90 panels

Can the shelf level be adjusted (yes/no)?

Steel thickness (mm)

Product Assembly - Ready Made
Tall steel cabinet with solid doors SURE LK-090 
Luggage storage cabinet with 90 compartments. The locking system uses a padlock on every door handle. Made from good quality steel, thick and durable. Washed and sprayed to prevent rust, helping to have a long service life and not rust (depending on usage conditions. and environment) and has wheels for easy movement. Suitable for keeping files neat and tidy in buildings and offices. Can be used immediately, no need to assemble it yourself.

Made from steel not less than 0.6 mm thick, strong and durable.
The structure is strong and does not bend. It has been washed and sprayed to prevent rust.
90 storage compartments. Locking system uses a padlock on every door handle.
Drawer size 12x30x11.2 cm. (width x depth x height)

How to use
Used for storing luggage and general items.

For use inside buildings only.
Do not place the product in a wet place.

Be careful of scratching or hitting the steel.
It should be placed and used on a level surface.
Do not use it incorrectly.

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