Depository electronic safes ES-800


SKU : ES-800

Top drop box Easy to collect cash At the top of the back of the cabinet there is a hole for coins to be used as a piggy bank or tip box.


Electronic safe With drop slot, model ES-800

- Product size
Width : 23 cm
Length/Depth : 17 cm
Height : 17 cm
Weight : 2.3 kg

- Room for storing valuables such as cash on watches or other important items.
- At the top and back of the cabinet there is a hole for inserting coins.
- Can be used as a piggy bank or tip box.
- Uses 4 AA batteries.
- The first time open the emergency door first.
- Press the personal code button to open a new cabinet to set a 3-8 digit code.
- Security system including digital hardware system
- Convenient and quick to use, no need to turn off or change the code.
- Includes an emergency key for opening in forgotten cases and a wall assembly for deterring thieves.
- Can penetrate walls or floors below.
- If you press the wrong code 3 in many cases, it will ask for a warning sound and turn itself off for 3 minutes.
- If the battery is low the status changes to red and green.
- Program to reset the code on the safe door to open and close (red button)

Equipment in the set
- 4 AA batteries
- 2 emergency keys
- On-on attachment for 2 people
- 1 piece of pad
- 1 key compartment cover

- User manual

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